The Inside Running Academy is based in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand (2.5hrs South of Auckland). It is a beautiful city of 110,000 people renowned for it’s beaches and natural training environment.  Mt Maunganui has recently been voted in the world’s top 25 beaches by Tripadviser!

The Academy runs for 40weeks from mid January to late October each year.  Players can come for anything as little as 4 weeks, right through to the entire 40 weeks.  The average is around 12 weeks in terms of duration of stay.  The cost to come to the Academy is $1100 per week (for stays of 4 weeks or less or $1,000 per week for stays of 4 weeks or more) which includes accommodation, most meals, BLK training apparel, supplements, gym membership, coaching, travel to and from sessions etc.

The Academy is endorsed by All Blacks Strength and Conditioning Coach, Nic Gill and operated by a team of high performance coaches and support staff. The ethos of the programme is to expose player to the life of a full-time professional rugby player with excellent coaching and facilities. It is all about training hard, following an individualised plan and developing as a player.

So with all that being said, take a look around, if you have any questions, get in touch to see how we can help you live like a professional rugby player and gain insights from our valued Inside Running Academy Team.

Meet Our Team

Nic Gill
Nic GillHigh Performance Director
Strength & Conditioning Coach for New Zealand’s National Team, Nic is regarded as an authority on S & C for rugby union. Nic develops the S & C program for the Academy, adopting many of the practices he implements with the best rugby players in the world.
Expertise: Stength & Conditioning Coach.
Keepa Mewett
Keepa MewettAcademy Manager, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
I have been playing professional rugby for the Bay of Plenty Steamers and Manawatu Turbos for the past 5 years. During this time I have developed a keen interest in the strength and conditioning side of sport as well as a passion for Olympic weightlifting. More recently, I have been involved in the skills and strength development of school age rugby players as well as the Inside Running Academy. Expertise: Strength & Conditioning. Second Row.
Mike Rogers
Mike RogersAcademy Director
Managing Director of Inside Running, Mike’s Academy Manager role includes responsibility of the day to day running of the Academy. Mike is an experienced coach who coaches one session a week focusing on the contact area of the game and scrum.
Expertise: Front Row Coach
Clayton McMillan
Clayton McMillanAcademy Coach
Clayton ‘Donk’ McMillan is the current Head Coach of the Bay of Plenty Steamers ITM Cup team and plays an active role in delivering skills sessions to the Inside Running Academy squad. Donk is regarded as one of the best in the business at coaching the contact area of the game.
Expertise:Loose Forward Coach
Cory Sweeney
Cory SweeneyInside Running Academy Skills Coach
Cory is the current Assistant Coach of the Tauranga Sports Premier team and is a former RDO with the North Harbour Rugby Union. Cory takes one session per week on general skill proficiency and development. He is regarded as one of the best in the business at delivering innovative skill drills and games to test even the best players
Expertise: Inside Backs Coach
Craig Newland
Craig NewlandInside Running Academy Physiotherapist
Craig is the principal and owner of Foundation Clinic. Tauranga’s leading private physiotherapy and rehab clinic. He leads a team of experienced and qualified sports physiotherapists for the IR Academy. Expertise: Physiotherapist
Simon Price
Simon PriceStrength and Conditioning Coach
I have been involved in developmental, semi professional and professional Strength and Conditioning for 10 years. Previous to starting my Strength and Conditioning career I owned and operated a successful Personal Training studio and played Premier Rugby Union at the world famous Brothers Rugby Union Club in Brisbane, Australia.

My most recent coaching experience was working with the Queensland Bulls and Brisbane Heat Cricket teams as there Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. I look forward in brining my knowledge to Inside Running Academy.
Expertise: Strength and Conditioning, Loose forwards

What To Expect Throughout Your Time At The Academy?

At the Inside Running Academy our philosophy is to provide players with the key tools to continue their development and reach their potential. Attending the academy is only the start of any player’s journey towards achieving personal goals. The rest is an individual journey.

ARE YOU prepared to work hard to become the best that you can be – day in, day out, week after week, month after month and year after year?

WE will teach you how but you have to want it and drive that discipline. For more information on the academy and to receive an emailed presentation on courses next year, fill out the form adjacent.

A Day In The Life Of An Academy Member

Nothing makes us happier than hearing of Ex-Academy Member’s success. Our results speak volumes and is evident in how many pre-academy signups are from word of mouth. If you’re still not sure if the academy is right for you, check out a typical academy schedule and what you can expect if you join us for future squads.

Hear From Past Academy Members

I really enjoyed the Academy, the game time aspect makes it very beneficial, i was able to put the skills i learnt into action each week. My assigned club made me feel very welcome and the coaching both at the Academy and at my club was great, i learnt a lot of new skills and techniques and my game understanding has improved hugely. The S&C component was superb, i was expecting a lot and have lifted weights through most of my teenage years but the Academy helped my lift my Iron Game to new levels. I hit so many personal records and had some great sessions that i will remember forever, the atmosphere is outstanding.
Matt Hall, USA. IR Academy Graduate
I found the skills sessions were eye opening and my tackle technique and technique over the ball has improved hugely. I needed to put on more size and become more explosive and i can say that i have achieved those goals. In face i achieved all the goals that i set at the beginning of my time at Inside Running Academy, the goal setting, PDF process and the atmosphere helped me to stay focused on why i was here.
Will Hopwood, UK, IR Academy Graduate
I joined the Inside Running Academy from Australia back in 2010 and have since played ITM Cup for Bay of Plenty and Super Rugby for the Highlanders. I can’t thank the Inside Running team enough for the opportunity in the academy, their support and guidance throughout which has given me a fantastic opportunity to play professional rugby in New Zealand. I have become really good friends with Mike and love the fact that the Academy is growing year on year.
Pingi Talaapitaga, IR Academy Graduate, IREM Player
I joined the Inside Running Academy from Australia in 2010 and have since gone on to play ITM Cup for Manawatu and Bay of Plenty. The team at Inside Running Academy really opened my eyes to what was required to become and ITM Cup player in terms of Strength and Conditioning an d skill development. Those tools that I learnt at the Academy have put me in good stead for my career.
Keepa Mewett, IR Academy Graduate