Player Registration

We match players to clubs/unions – depending on their requirements, aspirations and objectives for seeking a contract. This ensures that both parties get the most out of the arrangement. We deal with a large number of clubs around the world. This ensures that we are able to secure playing opportunities for players either seeking a fresh opportunity domestically or wanting to travel overseas.

We assist the player with all aspects of commencing a new contract. This includes (where applicable) the preparation of a comprehensive rugby CV, drafting of a simple contract between club and player, visa applications, airfares, overseas bank accounts, travel insurance and IRB clearance.

For the full details of the service we provide please click on the link to our Player Information Pack. Please note initial consultation and registration is free of charge. When an offer is accepted and terms are agreed, we do require players to pay an administration fee. Player Information Pack link.

Sign Up Details

The following information is a snapshot of you and your rugby CV. Your CV is a vital self-marketing tool. It is in your very best interests to provide in-depth, accurate and comprehensive details within this section.

Career Highlight 1:

Career Highlight 2:

Career Highlight 3:

Strength and Conditioning Testing (List here your most recent testing results). Please ensure that these are accurate. A number of clubs’ test players upon arrival. Leave blank if you have not performed the test over the past 12 months.
Rugby References:

Reference 1:

Reference 2:

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